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Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino Security Guard in Watersmeet, Michigan

uDESCRIPTION:/uSecurity personnel act to ensure the protection, safety, and wellbeing of the property, associates, and guests in a consistent manner. Security personnel will observe and monitor all procedures, safe guard all money transactions as assigned, provide customer service and employee assistance, ensure compliance with all established policies, and observe and report any and all unusual activity.uRESPONSIBILITIES:/uululli style="font-weight: 400;"Provide excellent guest service to guests, internal and external through active guest engagement and positive attitude./li/ul/ululliPerforms services to the public at large while performing general security duties./li/ululliPatrols assigned areas to prevent crime, protect life and property, handle any disturbances and/or violations of the law; notes and reports any suspicious activity or characters and assists the public./li/ululliMaintains security phone and radio communications./li/ululliDispatches security personnel as assigned to key areas of the casino through phone and radio communications./li/ululliMaintains peace and order at all entrances./li/ululliMaintains a special awareness of fires and other safety hazards and emergency evacuation measured./li/ululliPrepares necessary reports relating to all incidents in a neat and orderly fashion acceptable for outside distribution./li/ululliSubmits all reports to Security Manager and ensure that Security Manager is aware and informed of all situations./li/ululliProvides general patrol of interior of the casino./li/ululliPrevents unauthorized admittance of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the casino./li/ululliProtects money areas and executive offices./li/ululliPerforms first aid to assist vendor patrons and casino employees./li/ululliProperly identifies all employees entering money areas./li/ululliProvides money escort services./li/ululliReports employee theft or unusual behavior or irregularities./li/ululliMaintains crowd control./li/ululliRecognizes disorderly patrons./li/ululliMonitors special activities./li/ululli style="font-weight: 400;"Due to the dynamic casino environment from time to time, we require employees to be flexible and assume other responsibilities assigned by management./li/ul