Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino Dishwasher in Watersmeet, Michigan

uDESCRIPTION: /uMaintains cleanliness of kitchen work areas, restaurant equipment and utensils. May occasionally work as busser to collect dishes for washing. Responsible for scraping and cleaning dishes. Must put dishes away in correct locations and be able to keep up with demand of restaurant dishes and cutlery. uRESPONSIBILITIES:/uulliCarries dirty dishes from dining room to kitchen practicing full hands in-full hands out./li/ul ulliReplenishes supply of flatware and dishes in dining room./li/ululliPractices proper housekeeping habits and maintain the sweeping or mopping of the floors./li/ululliRecognize that each employee is a representative of the casino, and is responsible for demonstrating courtesy, respect, and sensitivity to the needs of every person./li/ululliScrapes food from dirty dishes and washes them by hand or places them in racks or on conveyor to dishwashing machine./li/ululliWashes pots, pans, trays and any other item that would need cleaning./li/ululliWashes worktables, walls, refrigerators, and meat blocks./li/ululliSegregates and removes trash and garbage and places it in designated containers./li/ululliTransfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas./li/ul ulli style="font-weight: 400;"Responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of the back-prep area, cooler, freezer, and buffet area./lili style="font-weight: 400;"Help in all other areas when needed./lili style="font-weight: 400;"Cleaning of trash cans or receptacles are to be completed on a daily basis./lili style="font-weight: 400;"Pots, pans, dishes, groceries, carts are to be put away and rotated every shift./lili style="font-weight: 400;"Due to the dynamic nature of the FB department, we require employees to be flexible and assume other responsibilities assigned by management as necessary. /li/ul