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US Farathane Die Setter in Troy, Michigan

Change Molds in presses for production or sample requirements in a safe, neat, efficient manner (including proper PPE when required).Must be able to change 6 molds part to part within 8-hour Shift.When Die Setters approach the mold change, they are to survey the area for any olis leaks, clean the area if need be and they are to write up a work order for repair (if needed) before they begin the mold chnage.Prior to pulling a mold, must assure sled is moved back to avoid damage to the tip. Must not use the injection until to push mold location ring from the platen.Inspect all waterlines prior to use. Replace any damaged.Locate mold and put on as many fittings and hoses as can be installed without interfering with set up. For safety reasons always tighten bolts with proper wrench, never hand tighten. Using 6-point impact when required when noted torque to proper setting.check the cycle sheet for any special instructions or auxiliary equipment or supplies which may be required.Have proper nozzle and tip as described on the cycle sheet cleaned and ready for installation.Clean and lube mold in press after it is set up.At tip change must examine the nozzle base with a mirror and flashlight to assure it is clean and free of damage or plastic. Finger thread the tip fully into base, if unable, must hand tap to clean out. When cleaned apply anti-seize to treads only and properly tighten.Maintain inventory of Die Setter supplies in good condition and complete a request for more supplies through a request to the Production Efficiency Tech prior to running out.Write up a requisition for any supplies or tools needed for mold set up.Assist in qaulity related cycle problems as authorized by and under the guidance of the shift foreman.Operate the lift truck when required. Maintain safe driving speeds and have an acute awareness of all surroundings, stop at all cross isles.Assist in training new Die Setter and /or back up Die setter.For safety reasons the minimum acceptable thread engagement is 1 1/2 times the bolt diameter. Any less engagement indicates the bolt is too shot and must be replaced with a long bolt.Environmental Responsibilities - May be required co fuctions as a member of environmental response action team, fire brigade, and first responder, with specialized training as listed in the tracking system.