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Hausbeck Pickle Company Formulator/Batch Maker in Saginaw, Michigan

table id="gnewtonJobDescription" tbody tr td/td /tr tr td/td /tr tr td/td /tr tr td id="gnewtonJobDescriptionText" divemIf you have a strong work ethic, with a commitment to quality and safety...then we want to hear from you! If you have experience in formulation, batch making, quality, or as a production operator apply today./em/div div/div div divuSummary of Job Responsibilities:/u/div divThe formulator is responsible for making brine for our production lines within customer specifications. Re-stocking the formulation room with ingredients. Cleaning of formulation tanks and room. Brine batch documentation in PLEX and on paper (double verification needed). Emulsion mixing in PLEX and physically. Vinegar tank changes physically and in PLEX. Salt silo changes physically and in PLEX. Brine titration to assure customer specifications. Relish formulation when needed./div divuEssential Job Responsibilities:/uem(Essential requirements may include, but are not limited to the functions listed below)/em/div liFollow all plant policies and practices to ensure safety, quality, and cost objectives are met./li liOperate a variety of mixing/blending equipment as needed./li liPerform various quality checks and clean and change-over of equipment./li liMake brine for production lines with the correct salt levels (get salt level from lead lab tech when running pickles)./li liVerify brine formulation by titration check./li liMaintain an accurate inventory through activities such as: proper reporting of material usage, minimizing wastes, and ensuring that measuring devices are properly calibrated./li liMaintain accurate ingredient levels in Plex to what is physically on hand, true up, scrap as needed/li liSend brine to appropriate production lines and set brine levels according to customer specifications prior to line start up./li liMake up lixate tubs for sort off pickles as needed./li liRe-stock formulation room for next shift, pre-batch brine./li liClean formulation tanks, briner systems and room./li liChange vinegar tanks, and salt silorsquo;s as needed./li liClean out vinegar and salt silo filters/li liCheck incoming vinegar acid levels/li liCommunicate to quality, production supervisor and team lead./li liFormulate relish when needed./li liCreate SDS labels as needed./li liResponsible for cross-department job sharing in areas such as: production, quality, warehouse, tank yard, and rework./li liAll other duties as assigned./li /ul /div /td /tr /tbody /table