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Beaumont Health System Environmental Attendant in Royal Oak, Michigan

div span bspanspan****$15.00 per hour and Sign On Bonus Available: $1,500 for Full time, $750 for part time****/span/span/b/spanspan /spanspanspanspanGeneral Summary:/span/span /spanspanspanspanCleans walls, lights, fixtures, and furniture in all assigned areas of the hospital to maintain an aseptic environment and prevent healthcare-associated infection using standard cleaning procedures and chemicals. Cleans, waxes, extracts, and maintains floors, carpeting, and stairwells and assists with heavy cleaning throughout the hospital./span/span/spanspanbspanspanEssential Duties:/span/span/b/spanullidivspanspanspanCoordinates with the nursing staff and supervisor to clean occupied rooms first, check empty rooms, and attend to emergency cleaning for spills. /span/span/span/div/lilidivspan spanspanCleans patient rooms daily, damp mops or vacuums floors, and spot cleans stains. Dusts furniture, ledges, and bed tables and removes debris. Empties, washes, and relines wastebaskets. Spot washes walls and windows. /span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanUses appropriate chemicals and techniques when washing and cleaning restrooms. Washes basins, commodes, tubs, and showers, checking and cleaning mirrors, soap dishes, water pipes and exterior surfaces. Dusts ledges, damp mops floors, and spot washes walls. Empties and relines wastebaskets. Refills toilet tissue, paper towels, and soap dispensers./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanPerforms periodic cleaning of high ledges, ceiling and light fixtures, and vents. Cleans doors and parts of showers and commodes subject to mineral deposit./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanDry and damp mops or machine scrubs corridors and elevator landings, according to assigned schedule. Sweeps stairwells and spot washes corridor and landing walls./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanAs needed or assigned, bonnet cleans or extracts carpeted areas. Checks equipment condition upon sign out and cleans equipment upon return, reporting any needed maintenance or repair. Assists in meeting set ups, hanging curtains, picking up trash, hazardous waste, and recyclable trash. Washes trash containers in assigned areas./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanMaintains all floors./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanMaintains all carpets./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanSets up meetings, hangs curtains, and checks the condition of the equipment./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanAttends all required safety training programs and can describe his or her responsibilities related to general safety, department/service safety, and specific job-related hazards./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanResponsibly follows the hospital exposure control plans/bloodborne and airborne pathogens./span/span/span/div/lilidivspanspanspanPromotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a department/unit team inter- and intradepartmentally to facilitate the department's/unit's ability to meet its goals and objectives./span/span