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Thielen Turf Irrigation Landscaper and Irrigation Workers in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

hr / id="tabs" class="nav nav-tabs" data-tabs="tabs"/ul div id="job-detail-content" class="tab-content" div id="tab1" class="tab-pane active" div class="primary_content" div id="MainContent_pnlDescription" div div class="create-account-free-text job-details-description"Help install landscape irrigation systems in residential and commercial applications. Help dig trenches to lay pipe use shovels to remove loose dirt from trenches and a pick to finish forming trenches, carry supplies to sites, connect pipes and sprinklers. Theilen Turf Irrigation, Inc., 600 Industrial Aveenue, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858. (04/01/2020-12/15/2020). 15 Fulltime temporary worker. No education, 2 month landscape Construction experience. 40 hrs/wk @ $13.84/hr, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F, OT 0-10 hrs/wk@ $20.76/ hr./div /div div id="divshowsuccess" div div class="create-account-free-text job-details-description" Transportation provided to and from work sites from central meeting point. Multiple worksites in Isabella County, MI. Wage Rates, Special Pay Information, and DeductionsThe offered wage in the job order equals or exceeds the highest of the prevailing wage or Federal minimum wage, State minimum wage, or localminimum wage. The employer must pay at least the offered wage, free and clear, during the entire period of the contract. Workers will be paid weekly using a single workweek as a standard for computing wages due.All deductions from the workerrsquo;s paycheck required by law will be made. No deductions will be made which reduce a workerrsquo;s wages below therequired rate. InMIState, the only deductions that can be taken from worker pay are:1. Those required by law, such as Social Security, income tax, and garnishment of wages; and2. Those that benefit workers and are authorized in writing, such as life insurance, or a savings account.Any other deductions are illegal.If, before the expiration date specified in the job order, the services of the worker are no longer required for reasons beyond the control of theemployer due to fire, weather, or other Act of God, or similar unforeseeable man-made catastrophic event (such as an oil spill or controlledflooding) that is wholly outside the employer's control that makes the fulfillment of the job order impossible, the employer may terminate the joborder with the approval of the CO. The employer must make efforts to transfer the H-2B worker or worker in corresponding employment to other comparable employment acceptable to the worker and consistent with the Immigration and Nationality Act, as applicable. If a transfer is notaffected, the employer must return the worker, at the employer's expense, to the place from which the worker (disregarding interveningemployment) came to work for the employer, or transport the worker to the worker's next certified H-2B employer, whichever the worker prefers. On or before each payday the employer will provide to each worker in one or more written statements the following information: (1) the worker'stotal earnings for each workweek in the pay period; (2) the worker's hourly rate and/or piece rate of pay; (3) for each workweek in the pay periodthe hours of employment offered to the worker; (4) for each workweek in the pay period the hours actually worked by the worker; (5) anitemization of all deductions made from or additions made to the worker's wages; (6) if piece rates are used, the units produced daily; (7) thebeginning and ending dates of the pay period; and (8) the employer's name, address and FEIN. The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least 3/4 of the wor