Munson Medical Center Chief Medical Officer (Hospital) - Grayling in Grayling, Michigan

Position Purpose

Serves as Chief Medical Officer for the MHC Grayling under the direction of the local Hospital President or designee and the System Chief Medical Officer to provide medical direction for all services associated with the facility (hospital, provider network, extended care facility). Works in collaboration with trustees, administrative colleagues, medical staff, hospital leaders and corporate colleagues in developing strategic clinical priorities for the hospital. Provides administrative support to the elected medical staff leadership and balances support for physicians with various levels of integration with Munson Healthcare. Responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the medical affairs of the hospital to assist the hospital in achieving its goals of safe, high quality patient care, improved clinical outcomes, customer service, and medical expense management. Demonstrates leadership in communicating the hospital's core mission, vision and values and true north. In collaboration with other members of the leadership team, is accountable for the overall success of the facility, including but not limited to, clinical competency of medical staff, medical staff recruitment, credentialing and privileging plus inter-hospital, intradepartmental, and community relationships, alignment with physicians. Serves as liaison between medical staff and administration to bring medical staff issues and concerns forward to Administration.


Serves as senior physician leader for medical staff and member of the MHC Grayling executive team to provide visionary and strategic physician perspective on the direction of healthcare delivery. Directs processes and initiatives among medical staff to ensure high standards of quality, continuity, efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. Has oversight of regulatory compliance, clinical performance and human resources management of medical staff.

Job Essentials

Promotes the use of clinically relevant and valid standards of care, guidelines and criteria. Leads Process improvement activities for the medical staff to promote better outcomes Assists in strategic and operational planning for MHC Grayling. Attends various meetings at Hospital to provide medical direction to facility staff (Medical Executive Committee, Credentials Committee, Clinical Quality Team, MHC Grayling Hospital Board, Board Quality Committee, Physician Steering Committee, Senior Leadership Team.. Assists the MEC in developing governance structure. Assists the administration in medical staff planning and recruiting. Assists the Medical Staff Coordinators at Hospital. Orients, mentors and supports new medical staff leaders at Hospital. Coordinates with the Chief of Staff on corrective actions and other medical staff issues dealing with the medical staffs at Hospital. Assists in review and monitoring of any impaired physicians. Coordinates Medical Staff education functions. Communicates with the Medical Staff (newsletters, meetings, etc.) Assists in the bylaws development, monitoring and assuring compliance, Assists in all department/divisions in developing bylaws, rules and regulations. Assists in conformance of the hospitals governing documents, regulations, and standards of the state and federal agencies and TJC Oversees and reports to the Board the monitoring of the quality of care and appropriateness of care provided to all patients. Makes recommendations for improvement as needed. Promote the plans, policies, and objectives of the Medical Staffs, Administration and the Hospital Board

Minimum Qualifications

M.D. or D.O. with board certification in her/his appropriate specialty. Degree must be obtained through an accredited institution. Education is verified.

Licensed to practice Medicine in the State of Michigan.

Demonstrated competence in her/his field of practice.

Active medical staff privileges at hospital.

Strong respected background in the practice of medicine, broadly recognized as a leader by relevant peers.

Proven skills in verbal, written and interpersonal communication and diplomacy, as well as conflict resolution. Regarded by other physicians within the region as an effective spokesperson and representative, able to work collaboratively with others.

Broad knowledge base to move alternately between the clinical and business environments when presenting issues to both physicians and management.

Fundamental knowledge of improvement tools (ATP graduate or commitment to managed care).

Well informed in the area of credentialing and privileging and committed to maintaining and building excellence within the medical staff of region hospitals.

Preferred Minimum Qualifications

Previous experience as a medical director or chief of staff preferred.

Physical Requirements

Interact with others requiring employee to verbally communicate as well as hear and understand spoken information.

Operate computers, telephones, office equipment, and manipulate paper requiring the ability to move fingers and hands.

See and read computer monitors and documents.

Remain sitting or standing for long periods of time to perform work on a computer, telephone, or other equipment.

Frequent interactions with patient care providers, patients, and visitors that require employee to verbally communicate as well as hear and understand spoken information, alarms, needs, and issues quickly and accurately, particularly during emergency situations.

Manual dexterity of hands and fingers to manipulate complex and delicate equipment with precision and accuracy. This includes frequent computer use and typing for documenting patient care, accessing needed information, medication preparation, etc.

The primary intent of this job description is to set a fair and equitable rate of pay for this classification. Only those key duties necessary for proper job evaluation and/or labor market analysis have been included. Other duties may be assigned by the supervisor.