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Prime Healthcare Services-Garden City Hospital Distribution Tech BMSI Supply Chain GCH in Garden City, Michigan

divdivdivdivdivfont class="bold"Distribution Tech - BMSI Supply Chain GCH/font/div/divdivspan class="sr-only field-label"Facility/spanspanPHS Bio-Medical Services/span/divdiv/divdivtabletrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"span class="glyphicons glyphicons-map-marker" aria-hidden="true"/spanspan class="sr-only field-label"Location/span/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"spanUS-MI-Garden City/span/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"ID/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"span2020-52008/span/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"Category/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"spanService/span/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"Position Type/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"spanFull Time/span/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"Shift/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"spanDays/span/td/tr/table/div/div/divfont class="bold"Overview/fontdivdivdivspanThe Distribution Technician counts and replenishes all par supply areas.and#160; Uses the computer system to perform distribution activities.and#160; Receives supplies and equipment. Maintains storeroom, delivers supplies to departments./span/div/div/divfont class="bold"Responsibilities/fontdivdivdivAccurately counts nursing supply PAR levels and carts for all charge/non-charge items.brConsistently follows FIFO (First in First out) principles.brApprises the Director/Manager and Coordinator daily of potential stock-out situations.brKey counts into the computer system and generates pick ticket.brPulls supplies needed to replenish PARS as designated by the pick ticket.brPuts supplies onto shelves or carts in appropriate Nursing area.brMaintains cleanliness and organization of PAR levels.brMakes changes to PARS or quotas as directed by the Materials Manager/DirectorbrRemoves any extra supplies or overage that may be stored in unofficial PAR areas.brFollows thru on back ordered items to PARS and notifies department in need. brMaintains inventories for appropriate levels of supply in all supply areas.brRefills Supply Stations accurately and in a timely manner.brResponds to special or urgent supply request appropriately and in a timely manner.brRemoves inactive users not accessing the system within 60 days from the system or upon notification from Unit Director, Human Resources or Information Services.brInventory counts are done weekly for those items not filled since last count.brRuns quarterly, non-refill items, least 20 used items, tops 20 used items and monthly usage reports.brMonthly monitoring of NULL Transaction Trending reports to assist in providing timely feedback when corrective action is necessary.brPerforms other duties as assigned or required.brTakes receipt of delivered goods, at the receiving area and signs delivery document presented by driver or designee.brVerifies number of boxes unloaded by shipper.brAssures all received packages are documented in the Daily Receipt log.brUnpacks, inspects and receives shipment, verifies all items received against packing slip and Purchase Order making receiving notations.brAttaches packing slips and freight documents to P.O. brGenerates receiving documents from computer and attached to front of P.O. when backorders are present.brDelivers received goods to requesting department or Inventory shelves in a timely manner.brGives priority to and#8220;RUSHand#8221; shipments or packages containing dry ice or la