City of Detroit Floriculturist in Detroit, Michigan



$14.06 - $15.89 Hourly


MI 48226, MI

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Certified-Regular Civil Service


General Services

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9/28/2018 11:59 PM Eastern

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Under general supervision, performs a variety of tasks in connection with the propagation, cultivation, care, and exhibition of native and tropical plants in greenhouses, buildings, and park areas.

Examples of Duties

  • Performs the individual tasks involved in assignments such as planting seeds, making cuttings and grafts, layering and setting out plants, bulbs and tubers.

  • Pots and repots plants.

  • Cultivates, fertilizes, and waters plants.

  • Prunes shrubs and vines and collects seeds.

  • Regulates the temperature of greenhouses and conservatories.

  • Lays-out and plants, cultivates, mulches and edges flower beds throughout the season.

  • Carries out plans for arranging flowers for show.

  • Supervises the work of a small group of helpers who prepares soil, water, fertilizes and cultivates plants, prunes or cuts back, sets out and/or stores bulbs and tubers; pots plants, and cuts back perennials for the winter, as required.

  • Assigns tasks and instructs workers.

  • Inspects work in process and upon completion.

  • Repairs small tools and equipment used in cultivating flowers and plants.

  • Applies pesticides to land or plant life.

Minimum Qualifications

High School graduation or GED. Preferably completion of two years of college coursework in horticulture, floriculture or related field.

Two years of professional experience in greenhouse work or landscape and/or garden work.

City Employees Benefits Summary


The City of Detroit offers a competitive and comprehensive employee benefit package. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our employees. Part of the reason for the low turnover rate is the exceptional benefit package listed below. Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:


Eligible for hospital, surgical, and prescription drug benefits after ninety-one (91) days of employment.


Eligible for dental care after sixth (6) months of employment.


Eligible for eye care after six (6)months of employment.

Life Insurance

Optional group insurance available to employee and their family. The City pays 60% of premium for first $12,500 of employee life insurance. Employee may purchase, at own expense, life insurance for spouse and each dependent.

Long-Term Disability Insurance (Income Protection Plan)

The City offers disability insurance through payroll deductions for persons who become disabled and who are not yet eligible for a service retirement.



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Sick Leave

City employees accrue sick leave based on the number of regular hours worked. Full time employees earn ninety-six (96) hours of sick leave per year. You may carry over your unused sick leave. Effective July 7, 2012 maximum accumulation is 300 hours.

Other Leave Policies

The City also has the following paid and unpaid leaves; funeral leave, Family and Medical Leave, jury duty, military duty leave, unpaid personal leave,


City Employees Retirement System

As a regular City employee you automatically become a member of the General Retirement System. This entitles you to a retirement allowance after:

• Completion of thirty (30) years of service; - At age sixty (60) if you have at least ten (10) years of service, or - At age sixty-five (65) with eight (8) years of service. (In the event of disability, other eligibility rules apply); • An early, actuarially reduced, retirement is offered after you have attained at least twenty-five (25) years of service; • Employees are vested after ten (10) years of service, regardless of age.

Advancement Opportunities

Employees have many opportunities for growth and career advancement throughout all City departments and divisions.

Have a successful career with the City of

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