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Beaumont Health System Patient Benefit Advisor in Dearborn, Michigan

div bspanGENERAL SUMMARY: /span/bbuspanspan /span/span/u/bspanUndergeneral direction of the Patient Access Mangaer - Benefits Advisor, thisposition is responsible for assisting uninsured and underinsured patients andtheir families in researching and securing potential funding for servicesprovided; including but not limited to Medicaid, Medicare SSI, and any otherfederal, state, Beaumont based, grants, and local programs, marketplace, auto,and other 3suprd/sup party liability payers. Performs duties at acutehospital sites, and ambulatory sites. Utilizes knowledge of billing and payerrules to facilitate determination of potential resources and seamlessprocessing of paperwork. Works with Beaumont staff and other providers torecommend referral of patients to appropriate sites for care./spanbuspanspan /span/span/u/bbspanESSENTIAL DUTIES:/span/bspan /spanspanspan1.span /span/span/spanspanManagesthe process to ensure that all Benefit Advisors are educated and trained in identifyingpatients who are uninsured and underinsured. Offers alternatives and assistswith application process for Medicaid, Health Michigan, Financial Assistanceand Market Place exchange plans. Works with third party vendors on complexcases as directed by department policy. bu/u/b/spanspanspan2.span /span/span/spanspanAdvisespatients and/or family members of their financial obligation via all modes ofcommunication, including face-to-face communication while in the facility. /spanspanspan3.span /span/span/spanspanObtainspayment in full or secures adequate payment arrangements/eligibility andbenefit information for both inpatient and outpatient services. Advisespatients on expenses associated with admission. Secures payments or paymentarrangements on self-pay accounts. Discusses third party coverage with patientand arranges disposition of out of pocket balances due. Informs patients ofpayment requirements as soon as possible for inpatient preferably prior todischarge. /spanspanspan4.span /span/span/spanspanAdvisespatients as to their financial liability and assists with insurance issues andactivation of coverage./spanspanspan5.span /span/span/spanspanAdministerscollection program on international and cosmetic patients as directed perhospital policy to collect pre-payments. /spanspanspan6.span /span/span/spanspanUtilizesCharge Master, EPIC price estimator, and business tools to provide costestimates for complex procedures, surgeries, and ancillary testing and ensuresinformation is received from patients and physicians. /spanspanspan7.span /span/span/spanspanProvidessuperior customer service to the patient and family by assisting withcompletion of required paperwork and program applications, such as for Medicaidand the Beaumont Charity and Financial Assistance Programs./spanspanspan8.span /span/span/spanspanServesas a resource to Patient Accounting staff, Social Workers, and other staff foridentification of funding sources for health services for patients. /spanspanspan9.span /span/span/spanspanExplainsand assists with all discount programs as they relate to the patient'sfinancial responsibility. /spanspanspan10.lt