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Walmart Transportation Diesel Truck/Trailer Maintenance Technician. in Coldwater, Michigan

This position is responsible for the operation of a department. An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties as assigned and/or necessary. WAGE RANGE: $27.20 - $30.70 Essential FunctionsAn individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.Communicate with (or to) individuals or groups verbally and/or in writing (e.g. customers, suppliers, associates).Complete work orders, records, logs and other written or computer-based documents according to established procedures.Maintain and repair driveline components (e.g., U-joints, driveshaft, wheel/hub components) according to procedures.Maintain and repair trailers, including lights, landing gear, interior panels, roof repairs, floors, doors and threshold plates, according to written procedures.Receive fuel drops by monitoring the drop to ensure safety compliance, following procedures for fuel additives, monitoring tank levels before and after the drop, and completing appropriate paperwork.Replace leaky wheel seals according to written procedures.Provide preventative maintenance and repairs on all Walmart equipment e.g., tractors, trailers, road trucks, shop equipment (air compressors, forklifts, wash bay) service vehicles, etc.Provide preventative maintenance on tractor-trailer brake system components (e.g., hydraulic, air, anti-skid, S-cam, ABS, EBS), including adjustment or replacement according to written procedures.Prepare fuel samples for analysis and shipment.Perform diagnostics using engine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software (for example, Cummins Insite, Diagnostic Link, Wabco Toolbox, Bendix ACom Diagnostics) according to written procedures.Diagnoses, maintains, repairs and replaces major drive train components (for example, transmissions, automated transmissions, differentials) according to written procedures.Diagnoses, maintains, repairs, and replaces tractor or trailer advanced HVAC systems, including heaters and air conditioning units, according to written procedures.Performs advanced diagnostics on the components of tractor engines, drive trains, HVAC systems, and communication systems by using technical and electronic equipment according to written procedures.Makes electrical/wiring repairs to tractor and trailer light assemblies according to written procedures.Diagnoses, maintains, repairs and replaces tractor and trailer advanced brake system components (for example, hydraulic, air, anti-skid, S-cam, ABS, EBS) according to written procedures.Maintains and repairs tractor-trailer tires, including install/dismount tires onto/off wheels by using tire tools/machinery (for example, tire machine, tire bar, wheel dolly); repairing flats and balancing tires according to written procedures; and performing advanced axle alignments using electronic digital equipment (for example, Hunter/Beeline).Diagnoses, maintains, repairs and replaces communication equipment, such as radios and antennas (including CB and XM), Lytx cameras, andPeoplenet equipment according to written procedures.Diagnoses, maintains, repairs and replaces major tractor advanced engine components (for example, water pump, fan, alternator, turbo chargers, injectors, ECMs) according to written procedures.Identifies and performs warrantable repairs by entering accurate information on the condition, cause, and correction into the maintenance system; completing warranty tags (as needed) and ensuring parts are retained according to warranty guidelines; and creating and processing warranty claims to ensure proper credit is received acco